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--ScreenFlow-- Год выпуска: 2012
Версия: 4.0.2
Разработчик: Telestream, Inc.
Платформа: PPC/Intel universal
Системные требования: Mac OS X 10.6 и более новая
Язык интерфейса: только английский
Таблэтка: Не требуется-ScreenFlow — программа для создания презентаций или обучающих роликов, которая позволит записать все ваши действия на экране и затем легко отредактировать их. Простой в использовании интерфейс позволяет редактировать видео, добавлять дополнительные изображения, текст или музыку, а также добавлять переходы. Готовый результат можно сохранить в форматы QuickTime или Windows Media, опубликовать на веб-сайт, блог или непосредственно на YouTube или Vimeo. Используйте ScreenFlow для создания качественных программных демо, учебных пособий, обучающих роликов, презентаций и многого другого!-Особенности: позволяет параллельно записывать со встроенной камеры и/или микрофона, затемнять или наоборот выделять фрагменты экрана для привлечения внимания, а также делать фокусировку на курсоре мыши и много других приятных мелочей.-

Изменения в версиях с 3.0.3 по 4.0.2


Изменения в версии 3.0.3

Fixes & Improvements
Improved performance of audio speed adjusted clips in Lion
Improved memory usage when using a large number of QuickTime clips in a document
Fixed memory leak that occurred when zooming Freehand Callouts
Fixed bug that could produce “File not found” error messages when loading documents over network connections and slower storage
Added potential workaround for -49 errors when exporting during local Time Machine backups
Improved performance of opening documents over network connections
Screen recording files will now be correctly removed from scratch volumes upon saving
Improved anti-aliased drawing when rotating clips in the timeline
Fixed microphone audio cutting out up to one second early after recording
Freehand callouts will now be pinned to the edges of the screen when zooming up
Fixed poor quality audio playback when capturing from 12-bit DV camera recordings
Fixed progress bar not appearing when saving a document to an external hard drive
Fixed crash that could occur when rendering audio waveforms for very short clips
Prevented the mouse cursor disappearing when close to the edge of the screen
Adding a new marker from the ‘Markers’ window will now add it at the current transport time
Audio waveforms will now draw correctly when splitting clips
Prevented playback from resuming after reaching the end of a project and then changing the scrubber position in the timeline
Fixed bug preventing overdrawing of the canvas when the application is idle
Restored QuickLook previews of ScreenFlow documents
Added support for moving groups together when closing a gap in the timeline
Prevented the ‘Save As’ entry field in the ‘Export’ window from changing folders unnecessarily
Fixed bug preventing mouse pointer options from appearing correctly
Fixed issue that could prevent the first frame of a callout from appearing
Prevented ScreenFlow from crashing if it cannot find a mouse click audio file
Fixed cropped image aspect ratio not being respected through a video action
Improved the way the global crop is adjusted when entering new values into the entry fields
Fixed gradient being incorrectly inverted on text boxes
Prevented audio waveforms from updating while editing the ‘Duration’ or ‘Speed’ box in the clip inspector
Prevented locked clips from having actions added to them or being renamed
Modified zoomed callouts to hide the mouse pointer when under the zoomed region
Fixed an issue that caused the timeline to redraw incorrectly when adjusting the window size under Lion
Fixed scrollbars not showing up when moving a clip down in the timeline
Fixed ‘Publish to Flash’ framerate combo box showing up empty
Improved a number of error messages when entering out of bounds values
Prevented the addition of % sign when entering a value in the ‘Scale’ field in the ‘Export’ sheet
The current font is now correctly selected when the ‘Font’ panel is opened when editing a text clip
Fixed bug preventing the Freehand Callout controls from reappearing

Изменения в версии 3.0.4

Были недоступны после выхода данной версии

Изменения в версии 3.0.5

Removed a piece of code that prevented ScreenFlow from starting up on Mac OS 10.8

Изменения в версии 3.0.6

Fixes and Improvements:
When splitting a clip in the timeline, the clip to the right of the split line is now selected • Improved French and German translations
Fixed diagonal skew on exported video when exporting using certain Intel HD chips
Fixed error causing the loss of a few pixels on the left side of image during export in
certain workflows
Fixed strange behavior on certain video scale actions
Fixed anti-aliasing on rotated clips
Fixed the maximum duration for a transition in the inspector so as not to create an invalid
Fixed frame drops during export
Reduced memory usage that could cause the application to crash
Fixed runtime error (SCUndoManger) for timeline clip movements caused by pressing
“undo” while the mouse is still engaged in the action
Fixed audio dropouts on screen recording content when previewing
Removed 'ShowMyDesktop' device from the available capture devices to prevent it being
Fixed an issue that caused video anomalies in exported files when two clips have callouts
with same properties next to each other
Fixed a bug that was triggered by certain annotations
Fixed garbled audio from DV cameras when running at 48khz
Fixed an issue that causes export error -108
Fixed visual corruption in Freehand callouts
Fixed display of non-SMPTE times in timeline when zoomed
Fixed lockups caused by exporting text boxes
Fixed issue that caused video to repeat when using Publish to YouTube
Prevented a transition duration from being created that could overlap a second clip in an
‘invalid’ way
Fixed an issue that caused the timeline to resize when changing the length of the final
clip in the timeline

Prevented the ability to undo actions in your project during export
Improved the display of In / Out selection on timeline when there are multiple layers
Fixed media controller in preview becoming partially obscured with certain source sizes
Fixed deadlock related to text boxes being on-screen when exporting
Fixed Highlight Foreground Window Callout in Mountain Lion OS
Fixed issue causing selected range when uploading to YouTube creating overly long
Fixed issue when exported video wouldn't contain the exact same frames as shown in
the preview
Fixed display of audio volume percentage field when cleared
Implemented 'Developer ID' code signing for Mountain Lion

Изменения в версии 3.0.7

Fixed error uploading to Vimeo
Added new way to upgrade older 2.x licenses through the 3.x application
Added App Store-specific registration window
Activated x2 capture support for SF 3.0.7 to increase Retina resolution
Fixed Kernel Panic when recording Computer audio with AirPlay
Telestream Audio Driver is now GateKeeper signed

Изменения в версии 3.0.8

x2 capture support to increase Retina resolution.
Fix for recording on a retina display when second monitor is set as main display.
Fix for a kernel panic when recording computer audio with AirPlay.

Изменения в версии 4.0

Stay more organized
Nested Clips
Merge multiple elements into a single (nested) clip on the timeline
Access and edit nested content on a separate tabbed timeline
Apply filters and video actions to nested clips as a way to join content
Media library organization tools
Easily find and organize all the clips in your library
Search for a specific clips
Arrange clips by name, duration, or type
View your media in list view
Select a clip and see where it's used in your timeline
Reach new audiences:
Closed Caption support
Add, edit and publish ADA compliant soft subtitles as caption tracks to your MPEG-4 movies and YouTube videos
Create captions in multiple languages
Export captions as an SRT file
MPEG-4 export
Export faster, higher quality MPEG-4 files using the x264 codec
Razzle-dazzle 'em:
Chroma key
Replace your green (or any color) background with your own video or still image background
Core image video and audio filters
Add effects to videos, images and audio
Video effects include advanced color adjustments, distortion effects, blurring, alpha mask, color effects, and more
Audio effects include EQ, multiband compression, peak limiting, delay and more
Freehand callout support for all media
Formatting for display of Show Keystrokes
Cursor effect improvements
User-definable canvas size for new documents
Display of transition angles in degrees
Publish to Vimeo in 1080p option
Publish to YouTube as unlisted option
ProRes Alpha Channel Support in export on OS X 10.7+
Streamline your workflow and save time:
Dynamic Update of Media
Update and reload modified imported assets directly from within ScreenFlow into the library, timeline and canvas (This feature is not available in the Mac App Store version of ScreenFlow)
Recording timer
Set a duration of time you want ScreenFlow to record
Paste a clip into an existing gap in the timeline
"JKL" keystrokes for fast forward and rewind
Zoom gestures for quick navigation
One-click starting and ending transitions
Visible timecode display
Scrollbar navigation for preview area
Default duration preference for actions and transitions
Numerical crop option for cropping media
Shortcut button for scaling timeline
Display of stereo audio waveforms in timeline
Single video frame export to a PNG file
Increased increment of timeline zoom
Improved access to gear menu
Improved document load performance and memory usage with QuickTime editing scalability improvements
Improved playhead positioning after pasting

Изменения в версии 4.0.1

Fixed issue with keystrokes displaying
Fixed issue that caused error message and sound problems when Remove Background Noise was checked
Disabled color correction on Radeon X1xxx hardware which was causing recording problems
Fixed performance regression created by decoding video on separate queue from audio

Изменения в версии 4.0.2

Fixes and Improvements:
Holding down the Command key when pinching in the canvas (or scrolling with mouse) will resize an object on canvas
Audio transitions now only have a cross dissolve
Fixed crash when opening WMA files
Changed headroom from -1 db to -3 db for auto-leveling
Stopped timeline stutters when adjusting the height after double clicking
Now perform parametric conversion of colors to screen, default to sRGB when incoming image content is untagged, and add transmission of color space from QuickTime XPC service for more accurate color conversion
Fixed brightness not snapping to 100% easily
ScreenFlow now forces the width/height of a camera if no frames are received increasing compatibility with USB devices
Fixed showing the 'Windows Media' preset in the export list when it isn't available
Fixed QuickTime content not appearing correctly on Radeon X1xxx hardware under 10.6
Fixed issue with recordings having non-divisble-by-8 width
Fixed transitions appearing low-res when exported
Fixed run time error caused by using ripple delete on clip with captions
Fixed issue causing an inability to access the Elgato Turbo H.264 USB device
Restored support for DV camera capture in 64-bit build
Now enable showing of shift-key in keystroke display
Fixed issue causing video export to be darker than it appears in editing
Fixed WMA audio files not playing back correctly
Fixed issue that caused color controls to be unusable in certain situations
Disabled 'Detach Audio' menu item when the selected clip doesn't have audio
Fixed selected range not showing correctly after nesting a media clip
Fixed 'Publish to Vimeo' window will resize when changing accounts
Fixed bug allowing a single clip to be nested through the action gear menu
Disabled editing shortcut keys during export
Fixed Publish Selected Range... appearing in the menu when there are no in/out points
Fixed caption bar "popping" and resizing when zooming in on the canvas
Limited the number of nested clips within each other to 10
Removal of Vimeo & YouTube uploads from temporary folder immediately
Fixed deleting multiple nested clips will show ghosted images of the nested media
Fixed being able to intermittently add audio actions to the same spot in a clip
Modified the YouTube description text view to respect tab keys
Prevented the 'Set Timer' button from being used if the minutes and seconds are both 0
Fixed hour number not highlighting in the timecode view when there is an hour’s worth of content
Prevented crash when opening 3.x document with DV footage
Fixed periodic crash on 10.8.2 when using 2 monitors and recording monitor is to the left/top of the main monitor
Fixed incorrect limits to blur and feather sliders on Callout Properties
Ignore the freehand content when setting a callout's defaults
Fixed In and Out point shifting on timeline magnification
Fixed Show Keystrokes does not reflect a cropped clip
Fixed issue that caused scaled media to be distorted when cropping past an edge
Fixed edit canvas bar "popping" and resizing when zooming in on the canvas
Fixed audio playing outside of nest
Fixed video filters with video actions not displaying when removed
Fixed adjusting canvas zoom while editing the canvas size moves the cropping guides, disabled zooming while cropped
Fixed changing focus to another window will intermittently "unlock" the timeline when in canvas cropping mode
Animated GIF files saved in QuickTime X as MOV files now playback correctly in ScreenFlow
Added a scale cap to the export dimensions
Fixed being unable to create an audio only export using Web High preset
Fixed issue that caused media to move when canvas was cropped in nested clip
Fixed issue causing 'Make Settings Default' to not work across multiple documents
Fixed issue that in certain circumstance caused the inability to record using the MAS version
Made the tab key move in/out of the description field in the Vimeo metadata view
Allowed modifier-only keys to be shown on screen
Fixed issue that caused an intermittent crash when dismissing countdown when recording computer audio
Prevented the ability to enter negative values for scale when exporting
Prevented the ability to allow quote marks in the tags sent to YouTube
Added warning message that appears when Flash exports are set to odd dimensions
Added warning message that appears when custom exports are set to odd dimensions
Fixed issue causing callout to not save if build-in + build-out is equal to duration
Fixed transitions issue that caused media to shift when the canvas was manually edited
Fixed issued that caused certain H.264 / Apple Animation files to not display on canvas
Prevented odd width / height uploads going to Vimeo or YouTube