(New Age) Mind Over Matter - Дискография 12 Альбомов (1987-2006), MP3, 192-320 kbps (CBR)


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Mind Over Matter - Дискография (12 Альбомов)- -||Жанр: New Age || Год выпуска дисков: 1987-2006 || Страна: Germany ||
||Аудио кодек: MP3 || Тип рипа: tracks || Битрейт аудио: 192-320 kbps, CBR || Продолжительность: 12:11:28 || Источник: Web ||

1987-Music For Paradise /переиздание 1991/ (1:00:43) (320 kbps)

1.Paradise (22:37) a.Being One (Air) b.One Being (Water) c.Changes Of Being (Fire) d.Being Home Again (Earth)
2.The End of time (9:16)
3.Kandy Sweets (6:42)
4.The Silence (6:57)
5.Ganga - The Live Version (10:22)
6.North Star (4:49)-Label: Innovative Communication
Catalog#: IC 710.059
Artwork By [Cover Design], Photography [Front Cover] – Michael Weisser
Bass, Electric Piano – Heinz Weidenbrck (tracks: 1)
Composed By, Arranged By, Producer, Mellotron, Synthesizer [Dx 7, Oberheim Ob-xa, Mini Moog], Electric Guitar [Gibson Es 335, Fender-stratocaster], Acoustic Guitar [Acoustic Nylon Guitar], Guitar [Sitarmatic Guitar], Flute, Chimes [Nepalese Handchimes], Gong, Recorded By, Mixed By, Mastered By – Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock
Photography [Artist] – Andreas Hub
Tabla – Peter Jrgens (tracks: 1, 3, 5)
Recorded, mixed and digitally mastered at Quasar Studio.
Track 5 recorded live on September 16, 1989 at Antwerp, Belgium.

1988-The Colours Of Life (59:39) (320 kbps)

1.La Vie (The Dance of Life) (11:56)
2.Bali Sunrise (The Joy of Life) (6:24)
3.Ganga (The River of Life) (10:24)
4.Mountains of Karma (The Wheel of Life) (8:33)
5.Being One (Air) (6:57)
6.One Being (Water) (4:35)
7.Changes in Being (Fire) (4:37)
8.Being Home Again (Earth) (6:13)-Label: Innovative Communication
Catalog#: IC 710.076
Artwork By [Cover Design] – EMWE Design, Bremen
Bass – Heinz Weidenbrck (tracks: 2)
Composed By, Arranged By, Producer, Performer, Recorded By, Mixed By, Mastered By, Liner Notes – Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock
Keyboards, Electronics, Acoustic Guitar [Nylon], Guitar [Armstrong], Maracas [Egg], Other [Balinese Bamboophone], Chimes [Nepalese Handchimes] – Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock
Other [Baby Voice] – "Little" Timi Hoffmann-Hoock (tracks: 1)
Percussion – Peter Jrgens (tracks: 1, 2)
Photography [Back Cover] – Harald Hoffmann
Photography [Front Cover] – Cristiane Bttcher
Piano – Freddy Fredstein-Platzek (tracks: 2)
Recorder – Jrgen Scholl (tracks: 2)
Sampler [Bass] – Heinz Weidenbrck (tracks: 1)
Sampler [Elephant] – Michael Grterich (tracks: 3)
Timpani – Walter Kaufmann (tracks: 2)
Voice – Yves Greder (tracks: 1)
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Quasar Studios. Digital re-mastering at HAM Audio, Hamburg.

1990-Trance'N'Dance (56:03) (320 kbps)

1.Children of the Midnight (22:24)
2.Spacelab (8:10)
3.Jack the Bear (7:35)
4.Mahatma (10:41)
5.The Silence (7:13)-Label: Innovative Communication
Catalog#: IC 710.090
Artwork By [Cover Design] – Michael Weisser
Composed By, Arranged By, Producer, Performer, Liner Notes, Recorded By, Mixed By, Mastered By – Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock
Executive Producer – Mark Sakautzky
Photography [Additional Photos] – Carl Deseyn
Photography [Front Cover] – Harald Hoffmann
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Quasar Studios.
Track 5 is a bonus track from LP "Music For Paradise.

1992-In Search Of Eternity (42:38) (320 kbps)

1.Behind The Gates Of Samsara (5:41)
2.At The Seam Of Forever (2:46)
3.The Lotus Is Opening (4:12)
4.Whispers From Beyond (6:31)
5.In Touch With Eternity (2:55)
6.Monolith (6:39)
7.Pilgrims Of Eternity (7:59)
8.Dawn (5:55)-Label: Innovative Communication
Catalog#: IC 720.166
Artwork By [Cover Design] – Michael Weisser
Composed By, Arranged By, Producer, Performer, Liner Notes – Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock (tracks: 1-7)
Drums [Overdubs] – Cherif Khalil (tracks: 1)
Organ [Hammond] – Georg Mahr (tracks: 1-6)
Photography [Back Cover] – Dagmar Daydream
Photography [Front Cover] – Oliver Fllmi (Tibet Image Bank)

1993-Live In Concert (1:13:44) (256 kbps)

1.Pilgrims Of Eternity (7:57)
2.Children Of The Midnight (5:30)
3.The March (4:19)
4.In Search Of Sunlight (3:42)
5.The Dawning Of Bliss (8:36)
6.Ganga (12:25)
7.Journey To Eternity (5:37)
8.At The Seam Of Forever (2:44)
9.The Lotus Is Opening (4:14)
10.Whispers From Beyond (7:43)
11.In Touch With Eternity (1:46)
12.The End Of Time (9:11)-Label: Innovative Communication
Catalog#: IC 2194-2
Electronic Drums [Synpercussion], Percussion – Holger Guyens
Engineer [Sound] – Rammi Ramroth
Featuring [Tibetan Meditationtube], Flute, Guitar – Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock
Guitar, Percussion – Peter Jrgens
Keyboards – Cherif Khalil
Organ [Hammond], Synthesizer [Mini Moog] – Georg Mahr
Other [Dancer] – Elke Dirx
Other [Lights] – Michael Hubrach
Other [Performance, Masks & Costumes] – Dagi Daydream-Hoffmann
Other [Performance] – Luciano Chandra
Other [Road Manager] – Thorsten Rhau

1995-Palace Of The Winds (1:13:42) (320 kbps)

1.Shangri-La (18:25)
2.In a Mogul's Garden (10:36)
3.Air India (4:57)
4.Rainy Kathmandu (10:36)
5.Sri Ram (6:51)
6.Roof of the World (5:58)
7.Himalaya (10:51)
8.Shangri-La (Short Version) (5:28)-Label: Innovative Communication
Catalog#: 87 2243-2
Composed By, Arranged By, Producer, Performer, Liner Notes, Keyboards [E-mu Systems Emax 2, Mellotron M400 Sm, Korg Wavestation Ex, Mini Moog, Gibson Es-335, Gibson Firebird], Sitar [Gangaram] – Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock
Design – Michael Weisser
Photography [Back Cover] – Rolf Eickhoff (Tenzin Choedrak)
Photography [Front Cover] – Vijay Kranti (Tibet Image Bank)
Track 6 recorded live in 1976
Track 7 recorded live in 1993 at KLEM Day/NL
Produced at Quasar Studio
Published by Edition De-Line-Music

1997-Shambhala (54:50) (192 kbps)

1.Dreamy Kathmandu (10:23)
2.The World Of Koto (6:47)
3.Brahmaputra (10:31)
4.Shambhala (18:14)
5.Distant Echoes (8:55)-Label: Brain-Food-Music
Catalog#: BFM 87 4023-2
Artwork By [Design] – Michael Weisser
Composed By, Arranged By, Producer, Performer – Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock
Photography [Cover] – Markus Frlich
Recorder [Roessler Bass] – Volker Kuinke (tracks: 1)
All titles composed, arranged, produced and performed by Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock at QUASAR-Studio. Published by Edition Deline Music.

1998-Avatar (1:04:34) (320 kbps)

1.Thunderchild (7:08)
2.Magic Garden (11:38)
3.Freak Street (7:49)
4.Avatar's Dream (6:18)
5.Avatar (20:34)
6.Beyond (7:01)
7.Thunderchild (radiocut) (4:06)-Label: Innovative Communication
Catalog#: IC 87 2 328-2
Composed By, Arranged By, Producer, Performer [Mellotron M 400 Sm, Mini Moog, Emax Ii, Wavestation Ex, Gibson Es 335], Liner Notes – Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock
Design [Artwork] – Michael Weisser
Mastered By [Digital] – Robert Valet
All titles performed at Quasar Studio, except track 6 "Beyond" in live 23-8-1996 at Hamb-City.
"In the imagination of the hindus, AVATARS are human beings sent by God.
They appear on Earth when the divine creation is threatened by fanaticism, injustice and deception. On my journeys through Asia I often saw pictures of AVATARS and these in turn gave me the inspiration to dedicate my new songs to them".

2000-Under The Stars (1:07:26) (320 kbps)

1.A Night in Mogul's Garden (13:23)
2.Mellow Kathmandu (10:55)
3.Mahatma Gandi (10:43)
4.Vive la Vie (12:32)
5.The Universe Of Koto (8:55)
6.Frifting on Brahmaputra (10:58)-Label: Innovative Communication
Catalog#: 87 2 345-2

2004-On the Wings of the Wind (1:04:28) (192 kbps)

1.Crossing Jamuna River (Balloonflight Of Our Fantasy) (11:00)
2.Mountain Thunder (14:54)
3.Journey to Brittany (14:38)
4.Fullmoon Desert (12:08)
5.Cloud Ghosts (11:48)-Label: HEART & MIND
Catalog#: HaM 5

2005-Indian Meditation (56:27) (192 kbps)

1.Brahman (5:54)
2.Mahatma (11:00)
3.Varanasi Morning (4:40)
4.La Vie (11:11)
5.Mountains Of Karma (4:47)
6.Sri Ram (6:51)
7.Northstar (4:53)
8.The Silence (7:11)-Label: Da Music
Catalog#: 873197-2

2006-Indian Meditation II (57:14) (320 kbps)

1.Crossing Jamuna River (10:25)
2.Maha Ganga (13:00)
3.Land Of Bliss (13:37)
4.Sathapthi Express (7:01)
5.Shiva Shakti (7:06)
6.Paradiso (6:05)-Label: Da Music
Catalog#: 873068-2


Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock: guitars, sitar, MEGATRON
Peter Jrgens: percussion
Robert Valet: keyboards, Mini Moog
Dagi Daydream-Hoffmann: vocals, performance
Volker Kuinke: recorders

Об исполнителе (группе)

The debut album of Mind over Matter was released on vinyl in 1987 under the title "Music for Paradise" (IC 80.059). The basic concept of a MoM-album was born here. It contained one long track and a few shorter tracks and Klaus played a wide variety of keyboards, guitars and flutes, accompanied by a few fellow musicians, like Peter Jörgens (tablas) and Heinz Weidenbrück (bass guitar and electric piano). The album starts off with the 22 minute-epic "Paradise", a four part instrumental track about the elements air, water, fire and earth. It is followed by "The End of Time" (with the voice of Frenchman Yves Greder) and the Sri Lankan tongue-in-cheek "Kandy Sweets". The final track "The Silence", co-written with Michael Grüterich, is space-rock in the truest sense. Grüterich played Mellotron & Mini-Moog on this track.
The debut album was followed in 1988 by "The Colours of Life", which was released on vinyl (IC 80.076) and compact disc (IC 710.076) simultane-ously. The cd-version of the album contains the bonus track "Paradise" from the previous album. Jörgens, Greder, Weidenbrück and Grüterich are again featured on the album and are joined by Freddy Fredstein-Platzek on piano and Jürgen Scholl on recorder. Basically the album is one long track of 38 minutes, divided into four parts that describe the circle of life. The first part, "La Vie (The Dance of Life)" features the voice of Klaus' newborn son Timi. Of the other parts, "Ganga (The River of Life)" would become a concert favorite. It is an astounding track, with great bass lines and impressive progrock keyboards. "The Colours of Life" was to be Klaus' last album on vinyl.
In September 1989 a short tour by Mind over Matter followed. The first concert took place on the "Wending Festival" in Mortsel, Antwerp (Belgium) on 16 September. The line-up featured Peter Jörgens (percussion), Michael Grüterich (keyboards) & Holger Guyens (percussion). Klaus' wife Dagmar was present as performance artist under the name Dagi Daydream-Hoffmann. Mind over Matter was headliner on this festival, where also Purfoze and Patrick Kosmos performed. Eight days later the performance was repeated in Bremen, where the band joined Peter Seiler and Software. The set consisted of tracks from the two MoM-albums, including a full version of "Paradise" and "Ganga", but also a few new tracks. One of these was the magnificent "Chil-dren of the Midnight". This 22-minute piece in four parts ("Night of Oblivion", "The March of the Seduced Children", "In search of the Sunlight"and "The Dawning of Bliss") was inspired by the album "Song of the marching children" (1973) by Earth & Fire. Today "Children of the Midnight" stands as one of the great tracks of Mind over Matter. It starts gently, builds up to an eruption of violent electric guitar and keyboards in the middle and ends with mild percussives. It also was a showcase for Dagi Daydream, as her performance during this track would become a regular part of the show.
The track was officially released in 1990 on MoM's third album "Trance 'n' Dance" (IC 710.090). Jörgens & Guyens played percussion and Dagi was featured on vocals. The album also included a joint venture with Peter Mergener ("Spacelab"), a track featuring the recorded voice of the great Indian leader and spiritualist Mahatma Gandhi ("Mahatma"), another bonus track from the first album ("The silence") and a track that would become the ultimate encore during MoM-concerts, "Jack the Bear". Aggi Fiegler sang this Floydian track that featured voices from two freaked-out Canadians that Klaus met on a trip to Thailand in the mid-1980s. During live performances the song would be sung by Dagi. There were no concerts in 1990, but Klaus delivered some of the synthesized sounds on the Software album "Fragrance" (IC 710.092). The album was recorded and mixed by Klaus Schulze at Moldau Musikstudio.
In 1991 "Music for Paradise" was finally released on cd in a remixed version (IC 710.059). The third part of "Paradise" appeared in a 2,5 minute longer version. The cd also contained two interesting bonus tracks: the 1980-studio track "North Star" and a live-version of "Ganga (The River of Life)", re-corded at the debut gig in Mortsel in 1989.
In March, April and May 1991 Mind over Matter toured in Germany and the Netherlands promoting "Trance 'n' Dance", including five shows at the Stel-larium in Erkrath. The set list of this "Tour de Trance" contained by now old favorites as "Paradise", "Ganga", "Kandy Sweets" and "The end of time", but also featured strong versions of "Children of the Midnight" and other tracks of the new album. Three tracks from the performance on March 16 at the Musikhochschule in Köln were broadcasted on German radio ("Nachtmusik im WDR"). Apart from Jörgens, Guyens and Dagi keyboard players Cherif Khalil and Michael Hubrach were added to the group. The Nachtmuzik-show also featured dancers Luciano Chandra and Elke Dirx. In November 1991 the group (now without Hubrach) played at the "Synthesizer Multi Media Festival" in Köln with a shorter and slightly different set, introducing the new track "Sentimental Russia". This track, originally composed in 1980, only appeared on the sampler cd "Obsessions" (IC 720.147) in 1992, which also included a remix ("The dance version") of "Jack the Bear".
During 1991 Klaus performed twice with the Dutch electronic musician Ron Boots. The first occasion was on the KLEM Day in Breda on 21 September during a spontaneous concert by Ron with Bas Broekhuis and the famous drummer Harald Grosskopf. This succesful experiment was repeated (without Grosskopf but with Eric van der Heijden and John Kerr) on the 2nd of November in Köln during the "Synthesizer Multi Media Festival". This Dutch-Anglo-German group was by now called M.O.R.E., an abbreviation of Music of Ron and Eric. Klaus was featured on the encore "Desert Clouds", a lengthy track from Ron Boots' album "Ghost of a mist" (CUE 105), on which he had played guitar earlier that year.
In 1992 the album "In Search of Eternity" (IC 720.166) was released. The concept of the album was similar to the previous one: one long track and three shorter pieces, this time without any bonus tracks. Klaus was joined by his old friends Georg Mahr and Michael Grüterich on keyboards. The album also featured Cheriff Khalil (drum overdubs), Andreas Besler (bass guitar) and the Belgian electronic musician Patrick Kosmos. The 22-minute "Journey to Eternity" is very impressive. Divided into five parts ("Behind the Gates of Samsara", "At the Seam of Forever", "The Lotus is Opening", "Whispers from Beyond" and "In Touch with Eternity") the piece is filled with electric guitar, flute and Hammond organ (by Georg Mahr). It is a fusion of progrock and electronic music, just like the shorter track "Pilgrims of Eternity". This track with its powerful bass-line and pumping keyboards is the ideal concert-opener. The track "Monolith" was co-written and performed with Patrick Kosmos. It had been played by Kosmos on the KLEM Day in Best on September 3, 1989, where Klaus made a surprise appearance on guitar (shortly before the first M.O.M. tour). Kosmos would later include his own version of "Mono-lith" on his 1993-live album "Virtual Reality". The last track was "Dawn", a beautiful compostion by Michael Grüterich.
On October 31, 1992, Mind over Matter gave a landmark performance on the KLEM Day in Breda. Some of the audience was shocked by the use of electric guitar on what they considered to be a synthesizer-festival, but for most of the visitors it was clear that this was Klaus and his group in great shape. The set started off with an excellent version of "Pilgrims of Eternity" and was followed by the epics "Children of the Midnight" and "Journey to Eternity". After the shorter tracks "Monolith" and "Jack the Bear" (sung by Dagi) there was a great encore, a mighty version of "Ganga". Klaus, who played guitar, flute and Tibetan Mediationtube (!), was accompanied by percussionists Holger Guyens and Peter Jörgens (the latter also on guitar) and keyboard-players Cherif Khalil and Georg Mahr. Mahr did excellent work on stage on his original Hammond organ. Dagi took care of all performances during the show. This was the only M.O.M.-performance of the year. Klaus made a guest appearance with M.O.R.E. in September 1992 in Eindhoven. One of the three tracks on which Klaus played guitar ("Unitas Special") was released in 1992 on the M.O.R.E. album "Live - by popular demand" (CUE 1103; re GR-021).
In 1993, after four succesful studio-albums, the time was right for a live-album. This "Live in Concert" (IC 2194-2) featured three tracks from the KLEM-concert and two from the "Tour de Trance" from 1991. The quality of the recording is state of the art and the cd-booklet includes some excellent live pictures. For people unaware of Mind over Matter's music this album is a good introduction.
There was a lot of M.O.R.E.-activity for Klaus in 1993. In February Klaus joined them for a concert in Eindhoven and he played guitar on one track of "Different Stories and Twisted Tales" (CUE 1104) by Ron Boots. In September Klaus was featured on three more concerts by M.O.R.E. in Köln, Eindho-ven and Nijmegen, the latter being the KLEM Day 1993. From the Eindhoven-gig the track "Aftermath" was released in 1999 on the album "Joie de Vivre - Live Again" (GR-026) by Ron Boots and Friends.
At the time of the KLEM Day 1993 Mind over Matter had just started touring again. The new line-up, which lasted until the summer of 1996, consisted of Klaus, Dagi, Peter Jörgens, Michael Grüterich & dancer Sally Sales. On September 18 and 19 and October 9, 1993 Mind over Matter played six con-certs (two on each day) at the Stellarium in Erkrath. The set included most of the music of the KLEM-concert, but without "Monolith" and with three new amazing tracks, all of them with very Asian roots: "In a Mogul's Garden", "Rainy Kathmandu" and "Sri Ram" (initially called "Sri Ram Chant"). The concert in Lünen during the "KLEM NRW Festival" on March 26, 1994 was released on video ("Mind over Matter in Concert"). During a concert in Köln in December another new track was introduced to the audience, an 18-minute piece called "Shangri-La". This track, a true Mind over Matter-classic named after the famous utopian land in Asia (from the acclaimed novel "Lost Horizon"), featured Dagi's wonderful vocals and a wide variety of instru-ments. Klaus recorded the four new tracks in his Quasar studio with Peter Kluge (flutes) and Udo Winkler (tablas). He also remixed a track from 1982 (the Cosmic Hoffmann b-side "Space-Disco") which he renamed "Air India". In between he did a session on Peter Mergener's album "Let there be more light" (CUE 110).
The four new tracks and the remixed "Air India" were finally released in 1995 on what is considered to be one of the greatest albums of Mind over Mat-ter, "Palace of the Winds" (IC 2243-2). The album has a beautiful cover of a Tibetan ritual and even features three bonus tracks: an edited version of "Shangri-La", a live-track by M.O.R.E. recorded in Nijmegen in November 1993 ("Himalaya") and a surprising electronic piece from 1976 named after Tibet ("Roof of the World"). Most of the new album was featured during five concerts in Sonsbeck-Hamb and Erkrath in September and November 1995. Klaus also found the time to play sitar on the album "The House of S. Phrenia" by the great German band Solar Project and to release another older track, the high-speed electronic masterpiece "Rohan Rider" from 1980. This highly recommended short track, based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, can be found on the sampler "Schwingungen-Club presents New Instrumental Music" (LC 4547). As artist is mentioned Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, not Mind over Matter.
The year 1996 was an important one, as it was the tenth year of the band. The discography was impressive, with five outstanding studio-albums and one live-album. After an open-air concert in Duisburg on June 30 Mind over Mater celebrated this with its 10th Anniversary Concert in Sonsbeck-Hamb on August 23. Dancer Amira replaced Sally Sales. The set list was every fan's dream, as it included all five epics, "Paradise", "The colours of life" (except the fourth part), "Children of the Midnight", "Journey to Eternity" and "Shangri-La". Old favorites like "The End of Time", "Mahatma" and "Jack the Bear" were also played, as well as the beautiful "Rainy Kathmandu" and a new piece called "Avatar" (which later became "Beyond"). Klaus had originally planned to release a video of this succesful performance, but this plan never came through. It is to be hoped that it will be released in the future.