FinalCodecs 2014 New Year Edition [En/Cn]


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FinalCodecs 2014 New Year Edition- Версия программы: 2014 New Year Edition
Язык интерфейса: Английский, китайский
Лечение: не требуется
Тип лекарства: не требуется
Системные требования: 2003/WinXP/Vista/Win7
(на восьмерке не тестирован, кто будет устанавливать - отпишитесь)
Всеядный кодек пак, отличная альтернатива k-lite codec pack. Пользователь может сам выбрать кодек в зависимости от специфики того или иного видео файла (Кодек Центр). Данный набор кодеков позволяет смотреть ролики в формате .bik (используется в видеоиграх) напрямую без прекодировки. Видео файлы в HD воспроизводятся "без тормозов" и рассинхрона аудио и видео. На выбор пользователя есть 4 плеера и куча всевозможный настроек.

Цитата автора кодек пака:

Sdxy писал(а): FinalCodecs provide a good solution to most popular media files. It is highly recommended to first uninstall other related codec packages before installing this package. This way your system stays clean and potential problems will be avoided. This installer is able to automatically detect a lot of codec packs and it will ask you if you want to uninstall them.
FinalCodecs предоставляют хорошее решение большинства популярных медиа-файлов. Это настоятельно рекомендовано, чтобы сначала деинсталировать другие связанные пакеты кодер-декодера прежде, чем установить этот пакет. Таким образом, Ваша система остается чистой, и избегут потенциальных проблем. Этот инсталятор в состоянии автоматически обнаружить много пакетов кодер-декодера, и он спросит Вас, если Вы захотите деинсталировать.

Лицензионное соглашение:

1. This software is provided 'as-is'. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.
2. This software must not be used for any commercial applications.

Основные изменения в FinalCodecs 2014 New Year Edition:

1. Decoding center
- "Automatic mode" adjustments to optimize and strengthen the use of LAVFilter video decoder.
2. Codec
- Update ffdshow_rev4527_20131203_clsid

FAQ (гуглоперевод с китайского на английский):

1 . The ultimate contrast decode other codecs integrated package What are the advantages ?
"Ultimate decoding " Contrast advantage of other codec pack for super HDTV support ( other common audio and video formats also mention of course ! ) . " Decoding center " Default various decoding mode , under normal circumstances , select the appropriate decoding mode to get a good playback ; experienced user can adjust advanced settings , you can easily switch splitter by decoding center / decoder , some special features, such as DTS-CD player , DVD soft fold lines , HDTV hardware acceleration can be simple to achieve ; compatible encoding , with the suppression of the common media tools (AVI / MPG / VOB / MKV / OGM / ... ) into RMVB / WMV / AVI / .......
2 How to use the ultimate " decoding center" some special settings ?
  • a. hardware acceleration, select the relevant decoder on the "HA" option to hardware acceleration . nVidia 's Mpeg2 video decoder can be rather special default hardware acceleration .
  • Fast decoding b.CoreAVC / ffdshow H264 decoder , select "F" option.
  • c. "VPP" option Mpeg2 video and real-time IVTC related. nVidia video decoder + VPP, can to some DVD specifications for real-time video TP IVTC ( Note: The chosen hardware decoding will fail after the VPP will be soft decoding ) .
  • d. " decoding center " upper right corner "Reg" option to open codec quick registration. After the opening function, move the mouse to require registration (regsvr32) or anti- registration (regsvr32 / u) of the codec file (. Ax,. Ocx or . Dll) on the right-click, it will pop up "quick registration" and "Quick anti- registration " menu. In fact, it is equivalent to double-click " Register " on the codec files.
  • e. " audio features " option on MPlayerc player using ffdshow audio function, KMPlayer / PotPlayer is using its built-in audio capabilities are only opened a " volume normalization" feature to amplify the volume of other audio effects can be when users set their own audio and video playback .
  • . f Elecard / Moonlight separator "S" option ensures that when playing HD TS / TP file , the problem does not occur between the code and the subtitle synchronization ; AVSplitter separator "F" option can accelerate the speed of playback jumps ; ffdshow 's "D" option to force open the ffdshow video decoder " deinterlacing " function.
  • g. " decoding center " has been available through the right mouse button to complete the decoder settings ( common audio , CoreAVC, WMV9, VonSub subtitles , ffdshow, Haali , etc. ) , different versions of the splitter / decoder switching (Elecard, CoreAVC, CLAVC), Players restore the default settings and decode mode to save / load functions.
  • h. VobSub subtitles are not enabled by default , it is recommended to use KMPlayer, PotPlayer embedded subtitle function to play HDTV. "AllPlayers" option allows KMPlayer and PotPlayer supports VobSub hang subtitles. In addition to the system comes with font ( bold, Microsoft elegant black ) , but can be set automatically enable the " Founder quasi-circular _GBK" and "Founder scribe changed _GBK" font when installing ; such as fonts installed after the ultimate decoding , through the " Restore Default state "may also complete the setup.
  • . i "PowerDVD is compatible ' option is compatible with PowerDVD , PowerDVD installed on the system , such as the option is automatically selected , priority will own Cyberlink PowerDVD decoder ; such as the removal of the option is the ultimate priority decoding comes the Cyberlink decoder is not compatible with PowerDVD situation may arise . If after the ultimate PowerDVD decoder installed , it is recommended to reset this option ( ie, cancel , and then select ) , in order to maintain good compatibility.
  • j. decoding center default automatic mode , which automatically sets the appropriate decoding mode by analyzing the media file name . Automatic mode, the setting will automatically switch the decoding center "Decoder " and "video renderer " Cancel " Automatic Video Rendering " option can be set to " Video Renderer " ; mouse by double-clicking the virtual drive to load the original disc or index.bdmv BDMV folder under the original disk file playback. Automatic mode can also set the following options:
  • Import user settings - the default option. When video playback, in automatic mode , automatically import user-defined decode settings. User-defined settings include two types of folders and files setting items , folders, set entry for "setting.fc" file, all the media files to the folder where the work ; . " Master file name + fc" file entry for the file set , the same as the primary file name of the folder where the media file 's work. Automatic mode with priority , the document setting item > Folder Settings Options> default automatic mode. . fc file in the " decoding center " in the " Save Settings" generation. Play decode settings recommended in non-automatic test mode ( user mode), to get the best audio and video playback of a particular media file ; the " Save Settings" , and then play in automatic mode . The same type of media files once set , once and for all .
  • DXVA 720P - "DXVA decoding automatic mode" the default option for 720P video software solutions canceled, other DXVA video decoding ;
  • DXVA 1080P - "DXVA decoding automatic mode" the default option for 1080P video software solutions canceled, other DXVA video decoding ;
  • DXVA black level correction - "DXVA decoding automatic mode " option automatically corrects black level issues ;
  • PotPlayer settings - the default option in the "Auto Mode" automatically PotPlayer " Enable the built-in splitter and audio decoder " option to switch ;
  • Quick separator - a non-default option , try to use AVSplitter 's "Fast Seek" setting ("F" option ) , to enhance the player maneuverability.
  • PotBDMV separation - a non- default option , you can enable the built-in BluRay PotPlayer source filters , such as titles or scenes play content available in PotPlayer "Play" - > "chapter | Mark | Bookmarks" menu, select the first mpls file to normal playback movie content. PotPlayer performed source output when this option is selected by default , and cancel the "quick separator " option.
  • MKV VobSub - non-default option , while supporting POT / KMP play MKV video , hanging enabled VobSub subtitles, subtitles can ensure the normal effects .
  • CUDA decoder - non-default option. When selected , the two built- in "auto mode" enabled CoreAVC CUDA decode H264.
  • k. " Disable Nero-DSFilter" option will automatically select the default . Cancel fully compatible with Nero, but individual playback problems may occur.
  • l. " fold line " option through ffdshow achieve soft fold line function, in the " Video Out" on select X2, 4:3 full screen , 16:9 Full three kinds of times the line output mode.
  • m. "SPDIF" output , combined with " decoding center " PotPlayer "Enable the built-in splitter , audio and video DXVA decoder" option in Windows7 simple hardware solution and achieve audio source output can be achieved through a variety of audio and AC3filter ffdshow (LPCM, DTS, EAC3, FLAC, WMA, AAC, MP3 , etc.) "AC3 5.1/48KHz re-coding " output.

Установка, ВАЖНО:

Если у вас установлена более ранняя версия FinalCodecs или другой пакет кодеков настоятельно рекомендуется удалить его. В Windows7/Vista нужно отключить систему UAC (контроль учетных записей). После установки рекомендуется перезагрузить компьютер.

Скриншот проверки экзэшника антивирусом Dr. Web:

информация для XP1971

Компоненты кодек-пака:



Установка языкового пакета для плеера Media Player Classic Home Cinema 1.3.1249.0:

Файлы из архива поместите в папку с установленной программой (как правило C:\Program Files\Final Codecs).
После этого в плеере выберете: View -> Language -> Russian.

Субъективные настройки Media Player Classic Home Cinema 1.3.1249.0 для более удобного просмотра:

Вид -> Настройки -> ...
1. Проигрыватель - новый для каждого файла;
2. Воспроизведение
а) повторять бесконечно;
б) Автомасштаб (установить галочку) - вписать;
3. Встроенные фильтры -> Аудиопереключатель - нормализовать (установить галочку).