Various Artists - EDM Revolution 2016 (2016) MP3


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Название: EDM Revolution 2016
Исполнитель: Various Artists
Год: 2016
Жанр: Club, House, Bigroom, Progressive
Страна: All World
Продолжительность: 02:18:22
Формат/Кодек: tracks / MP3
Битрейт аудио: 320kbps


01. Turbotronic - Booty Shake (Original Mix) 04:36
02. Teknova - La Fiesta (Original Mix) 04:00
03. Turbotronic - Doomchit Doomchit (Original Mix) 03:54
04. Flip Capella - Lose Myself (At Tomorrowland) (Original Mix) 03:23
05. Turbotronic - Bba Ra Bam (Extended Mix) 04:25
06. Flgtt - Get Ur Hands Up (Extended Mix) 04:11
07. Turbotronic - To The Party (Extended Mix) 04:45
08. Flip Capella - Give It All (Flip's Bouncy Club Remix) (Feat. Leo Samuele) 04:23
09. Dj Combo - Nirvana (This Is How We Drop The Bounce) (Extended Mix) 04:12
10. Daniel Tek - Gimme The Noise (Rumvle Remix) (Feat. Ary Fashion) 04:06
11. The Outhere Brothers - Pass The Vodka Shots (Randy Norton 3D Remix) 05:43
12. Mr X Project - Let's Run Away (Original Mix) 03:58
13. Clubhunter - Pump It! (Turbotronic Extended Mix) 03:56
14. Distortive - Do It Again (Radio Edit) 03:46
15. Mr. Groove - I Love The Bass (Original Mix) 06:30
16. Cometa - Sound! (Original Mix) 04:30
17. Aviator - Polar Night (Original Mix) 04:45
18. Vmc - Vai (Club Mix) (Feat. Evanns) 06:33
19. Mr. Groove - Bombastik! (Original Mix) 08:45
20. The Boogeyman - Clap Your Ass! (Original Mix) 05:43
21. Niky G - Confusion (Original Mix) 04:54
22. The Bombers - Burn (Craig Oliver Remix) 05:20
23. Balkan Avenue - Anagram (Original Mix) 03:29
24. Fatih Toprakci - Tidal Waves (Original Mix) 04:50
25. Cire - Storm (Club Mix) 04:00
26. Mr. Groove - Chinese Vocoder (Original Mix) 09:06
27. Hoxygen - The Black Rose (Original Mix) 04:58
28. Coxwell - Peter Pan (Neverland Club Mix) 05:30
Дополнительная информация:


As a producer, Flip Capella released the international summer club and chart hit “On the Beach“ as part of the “Sonic Palms project“. A year later, in 2011, he released another chart breaker with the house project “Squeeeze“ called “Doop“. This track ranked several weeks in the top 10 on Beatport. In 2013 Universal released his single „moments in Love“, which entered the playlist of several international key DJs. In 2014 Flip Capella founded his own label „Prediction Recordings“, which will release a new Flip Capella track almost every month. His fans can already look forward to loads of new and rocking Flip Capella music that has the potential to make its mark on the international EDM scene.
Mr. Groove, He began by giving letters in 2013 as part of the group that designed it for 2 years, Witnessed several national stages such as: MEO Arena; Expofacic; Semana Académica de Leiria and Coimbra. Events such as Radio Onda Viva; National Fire Congress. Already drive several renowned nightclubs throughout the country.
Participated in two television competitions: Factor X; Portugal has talent. We made some appearances on TV channels such as SIC; RTP 1 and RTP Africa; TVI, including a theme that played in the LMS group Theme: House goes down, is included in the musical repertoire of the Telenovela "Unica Woman" TVI.