VA - Disco шоу 80-х (2007) MP3


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Название: Disco шоу 80-х
Исполнитель: VA
Год: 2007
Жанр: Disco, Eurodisco, Pop
Страна: All World
Продолжительность: 03:57:42
Формат/Кодек: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps


01-Ottawan - Youre OK
02-Joy - Touch By Touch
03-Fancy - Slice Me Nice
04-The Flirts - Temptation
05-Mike Mareen - Lady Ecstacy
06-Supermax - Number One In My Heart
07-Boytronic - Late Night Satellite
08-Silicon Dream - Andromeda
09-Five Letters - Im In Love
10-Vulcano - Break Out
11-Cherry Laine - Sergeant Rock
12-American Gupsy - Im OK, Youre OK
13-Five Letters - Crazy Man (Part 2)
14-Passengers - Casino
15-Teach In - Ding a Dong
16-Luv - Be My Lover Tonight
17-Cherry Laine - Come On And Sing
18-Teach In - Im Alone
19-Vulcano - Sancta Simplicitas
20-Chilly - Goo Goo Eyes
21-Grant Miller - Sail Away
22-Silicon Dream - Corleone Speaking
23-Linda Jo Rizzo - Heartflash (Tonight)
24-Charlie G - Love Plays Tricks
25-KBCaps - Do You Realy Need Me
26-Lian Ross - Say Youll Never
27-Silicon Dream - Dont Break My Heart
28-Fancy - Flames Of Love
29-Mike Mareen - Agent Of Liberty
30-Mozzart - Money
31-Linda Jo Rizzo - Perfect Love
32-Baccara - Fun
33-Fancy - Way Of Love
34-Supermax - Camillo
35-Cherry Laine - Im Hot
36-Passengers - Girls Cost Money
37-Teach In - Dear John
38-Five Letters - Stories
39-Vulcano - Shut Up And Boogie
40-Luv - Billy The Kid
41-Cathy and Coins - Lovely Daughter
42-Mike Mareen - Days I Remember
43-Fancy - A Voice In The Dark
44-Lian Ross - Do You Wanna Funk
45-Linda Jo Rizzo - Passion
46-Ringo - Imagination
47-Baccara - Set Me Free
48-Grant Miller - Red For Love
49-The Hurricanes - Dont Leave Tonight
50-Mozzart - In China
51-Mike Mareen - Midnight Runners
52-Timerider - Cocoon
53-Paul Mc Douglas - Dallas