[Linux Academy / Udemy] Learn To Run Linux Servers From Scratch (LPI Level 1-101) [2015, ENG]


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--Learn To Run Linux Servers From Scratch (LPI Level 1-101)-- Год выпуска: 2015
Производитель: Linux Academy / Udemy
Сайт производителя: linuxacademy.com
Продолжительность: 13:35
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоклипы
Язык: Английский
Описание: One of the hottest jobs in Information Technology today is Linux Administration. As the Cloud vendors continue to grow the need for talented and knowledgeable Linux Administrators will continue to grow with them. While you may believe that it can take years to acquire the expertise necessary to succeed in this field you might be surprised.
Подготовка к экзамену LPIC-1 Exam 101.


Linux Exam 101 Cheat Sheet .. Know all the commands AND flags - 17 страница
Раздел 1: Introduction To The Linux Server
Basic User Management For Fresh Images/Server Installs
A Look At VI And Nano Text Editors
Root User, Sudo Users And Managing Users
Navigating Linux & The File System
Logs & More File Management Tools
File Permissions
Cron Jobs
Apt-Get & DPKG Package Management
A Look At System Resources With The Linux Top Command
Lab: Introduction To The Linux Server - Текст
Quiz: Introduction To The Linux Server - 23 вопроса
Раздел 2: Debian Based Package Management
Apt-Get Command Set
Apt-Cache Package Management
DPKG Command Set
Summary & Overview of aptitude
A Look At dselect
Lab: Debian Based Package Management - Текст
Debian Based Package Management Notes - 3 страница
Раздел 3: RPM Base Package Management
RPM Package Management
YUM Software Management
yumdownloader & rpm2cpio
Lab: RPM Based Package Management - Текст
Раздел 4: VI The Linux Text Editor
Vi Modes & The importance of Vi
Vi Commands and Usage
Lab: VI - Текст
Раздел 5: Use Streams, Pipes, Redirects, & Grep!
wc, split, cat, and diff commands
Streams (stdin, stdout, stderr) and Redirects
grep, egrep, and fgrep
The sed Stream Editor
Tee command
Lab - Текст
Раздел 6: Managing Files In Linux
File Naming Basics & A Look At File Commands
File Archiving & The RM, MV Commands
gzip & gunzip
Linux Links
Basic Directory & Group Commands
Special Permission Bits
Default Permissions umask, newgrp, and chattr
Linux Core Directories & What They Are Used For
Finding Files In Linux Using, Find, Locate, Whereis, Which and Type
The Linux dd Command
Using The cut Command
Lab: Managing Files In Linux - Текст
Раздел 7: Managing Linux Libraries & Software Processes
Software Libraries
Using ps To Manage Processes
Using TOP
Using nice To Change Linux Process Priorities
Killing Processes In Linux
Using The uname Command To Query System Information
Understanding Background VS Foreground processes
Ignoring Hangups With nohup
Using The free Command
Lab - Текст
Раздел 8: Finding FIles In Linux
Which and Whereis
Finding Files With Locate
updatedb.conf configuration file
The Powerful Find Command
Раздел 9: The Linux Bash Shell
Simple Commands & Shortcuts For The Linux Shell
Environment Variables, Redirection Operators & Data Pipes
Manipulating Files
File Viewing Commands For The Linux Bash Shell
Lab - Текст
Раздел 10: Managing Hardware & Linux File Systems
Creating And Mounting A Disk Partition
Using fdisk, Creating A File System, and Configuring Mount Entry With /etc/fstab
Notes For Managing Hardware & Linux File Systems - 2 страница
Раздел 11: Backing Up Linux Servers
How to Backup Linux to Amazon S3 Using s3cmd
Using Update Copy | CP -u
Using Tar Archiving Utility To Backup Files
Introduction To Backing Up Linux With Rsync
Раздел 12: Quotas
Disk Quota
User Quota Setup
Раздел 13: Linux System Management and Architecture Topics
lspci and lsusb
modprobe and insmod
/sys, /proc, /dev and /var
Linux System Management and Architecture Lab - Текст
Linux System Management and Architecture Topics - Notes - 2 страница
du, df and mount
Раздел 14: Filesystem Integrity and Maintenance
fsck and e2fsck
mke2fs and debugfs
dump2efs and tune2fs
xfs tools
Lab: Linux System Management and Architecture - Текст
Filesystem Integrity and Maintenance - Notes - 3 страница
Раздел 15: Downloadable Notes
VI - 2 страница
Notes: The Linux Bash Shell - 4 страница
Linux Bash Shell - 4 страница
Libraries And Processes - 3 страница
RPM Based Package Management - 2 страница
Debian Based Package Management - 9 вопросов
Раздел 16: Bonus Material (Not part of certification exam): Getting Started With AWS
Introduction to Amazon S3
Installing Drupal And Linux LAMP Stack On Ubuntu Amazon EC2
Configuring Apache and Installing WordPress On Linux EC2
How To Use Amazon RDS (Relation Database Service) To Host MySQL
Amazon EC2 Working With Our Linux Instance
100 Creating An Amazon EC2 Image
101 Amazon EC2 With Linux Lamp Stack
Раздел 17: Bonus Material (Not part of certification exam): Hosting Web Sites With Apache2
102 Introduction To The Linux LAMP Stack - 2 страница
103 Installing The LAMP Stack With Apt-Get
104 How DNS Works With Hosting Web Sites
105 Configuring Apache To Host Web Apps & Web Sites
106 Enabling And Configuring Apache mod_rewrite
107 Hosting Multipel Sites With Apache Virtual Hosts
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