[Patch] POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost [v4444 Update] [ENG]


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POSTAL 2 Paradise Lost v4444 Update
Название игры: POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost
Год выпуска: 2015
Автор/Разработчик: Running With Scissors
Тип раздачи: Patch
Версия программы: 4444
Требуемая версия игры: 1.0 (POSTAL.2.Paradise.Lost-SKIDROW)
Язык интерфейса: английский
Требуемый язык игры: английский
Поживите недельку жизнью Чувака, самого обычного человека, занимающегося самыми обычными делами. Казалось бы, что может пойти не так во время покупки молока, запоздалого возвращения книги в библиотеку и получения автографа Гэри Коулмана?
Взрывайте, кромсайте и ссыте, ища приключений на свою голову в сатирическом мире Postal 2 — игре, полной черного юмора. Познакомьтесь с нехорошим талисманом Кротчи, посетите дядюшку Дэйва на его осажденной базе религиозных фанатиков, сразитесь с талибами, живущими в канализации, и не дайте деревенщинам-гомосекам, продажным копам и бешеным слонам порвать главному герою очко. Исследуйте открытые пространства, населенные людьми с удивительно непредсказуемым искусственным интеллектом. Заручитесь поддержкой Чампа, полуверного питбуля Чувака. Используйте арсенал разнообразного оружия, варьирующийся от обычной лопаты до забавного гранатомета.
Натравляйте собак на врагов! Используйте кошек в качестве глушителей! Обливайте всё и всех мочой и бензином! Ваши темные мечты сбываются!
Paradise Lost - новое официальное дополнение - спустя 11 лет после выхода оригинальной игры. Если кто ещё помнит, в финале главный герой сжёг свой родной городок Парадайз в ядерном пламени. Теперь ему предстоит разбираться с последствиями: мутантами, зомби, полчищами демонов и выжившими, устроившими борьбу за ресурсы.
Способ установки:
1. Установить POSTAL.2.Paradise.Lost.v4444.Update.incl.HotFix.exe
2. Скопировать содержимое папки SKIDROW в папку с игрой
3. Играть

Список изменений

POSTAL 2 - Paradise Lost v4444 Update incl HotFix changelog:
POSTAL 2 Hotfix 1 for 1417 and 4444 patch notes
Hotfix #1 for both POSTAL 2 and Paradise Lost will be released shortly. Here is the complete changelog:
POSTAL 2 & Paradise Lost (4444 Hotfix 1 - DLC owners only)
Removed the Texture Detail slider as certain configurations (primarily those running Intel integrated graphics) were having crashes.
Fixed problems that could occur when selecting Restore Defaults from the Advanced Performance menu.
Fixed bug causing the player being unable to move when loading a game save from version 1416 or earlier.
(Paradise Lost) Fix for save games where the C4 was taken early, rendering the game unwinnable. If you load a broken save, the C4 errand will automatically be crossed off for you, and if you are stuck in the Survivalist Encampment you will be teleported out.
(Paradise Lost) Removed Fast Food Bags from The Hole on Monday.
(Paradise Lost) Fixed a bystander in the PU Games Center map that would be completely unresponsive and take no damage.
(Paradise Lost) Fixed explodable cars having the wrong damage skins in the Rainy Foliage zone.
(Paradise Lost) Many fixes in the Winter Wonderland map for smoother gameplay.
(Paradise Lost) Zack Ward is now wearing his correct shirt during the Apocalypse.
(Paradise Lost) Several visual and gameplay bug fixes in the Old Suburbs map.
(Paradise Lost) Fixed the exit in the Ghetto leading to the Forest.
(Paradise Lost) An old version of the Forest was incorrectly uploaded on launch day, this has been fixed.
(Paradise Lost) Fixed a trigger in the Highlands map that could cause the junk market vendors and Lawmen to become hostile when they shouldn’t.
(Paradise Lost) Fixed a problem where the DEET members would crowd the entrance to the back greenhouse and get stuck in the Medicinal Herb Farm map.
(Paradise Lost) Removed a stray Weed Whacker pickup at the Medicinal Herb Farm map.
(Paradise Lost) Possible fix for a common crash that occurs while fighting the final boss in The Final Showdown. Your assistance is requested if you continue to experience crashes on this map, see the support forum for details.
(Paradise Lost) Final boss music now turns off after beating the final boss in The Final Showdown.
(Paradise Lost) Disabled skipping of the ending cutscene to prevent problems.
(Paradise Lost) Cleanup and improvement of ending cutscene.
POSTAL 2 (1417 Hotfix 1 - non-DLC-owners)
Removed the Texture Detail slider as certain configurations were having crashes.
Fixed problems that could occur when selecting Restore Defaults from the Advanced Performance menu.
Fixed a crash that would occur when picking up any weapon, if the player had previously discarded several weapons.
Fixed a bug that would cause the player to be unable to move when loading a save from version 1416 or earlier.
Here is the changelog for the original 1417 patch:
POSTAL 2 (1417/4444 - all users)
This version will reset your configuration the same way the 2013 updates did. Your original configuration files are backed up as “Postal2.ini.old” and “User.ini.old” should you need to access them.
Full Gamepad Support!
XInput devices now supported
Icons now displayed instead of text for key/button presses
All menus can be navigated via controller
Complete revamp of input binding menus. Change nearly any joystick setting without needing to modify your ini file.
Fix for joystick input precision being linked directly to framerate
Allow binding of POV hat and 16 buttons (instead of 12 buttons and no POV hat)
Proper movement and look acceleration for gamepads
New pop-up weapon selector! Works with both keyboard/mouse and gamepad.
Bug tracker fixed. Crash dialog now includes more useful information.
Resolved the “FCollisionHash” crash-to-desktop that can occur when bodies and limbs pile up in-game
Addressed a crash that could occur during gameplay (KInitSkeletonKarma)
Addressed a crash that could occur between level transitions (UStaticMesh::Destroy)
Added a “Fullscreen Windowed” video display mode, which renders the game in a maximized borderless window.
The keyboard can now be used to navigate most in-game menus.
Aiming assistance added to game settings. Works for both mouse/keyboard or controller/joystick.
Game now starts in windowed mode by default at 1024x768
Video configuration menu now lists all available video modes (no more INI editing!)
Removed various multiplayer options from the single player version of the game
The secret menu option in the Options menu can now be unlocked by beating the game on Hestonworld instead of POSTAL difficulty.
Fixed a bug where exploding a bystander’s head while puking would spawn two puke streams
Player can no longer hit things on the other side of a wall with a melee weapon.
Weapon bob is now correctly linked to the player’s movement speed
Bystanders are now generally more responsive when asked to sign the petition.
Fixed a bug where the player could go on a Sledgehammer killing rampage without anyone batting an eye
Fixed a minor issue causing bystanders to not make snarky comments when someone is on fire
Player can now skip through the hater display on the map screen with Spacebar
Fixed a display glitch on the map screen that could cause the location arrow to display very tiny or very large if the player was using a low or high FOV setting
Fixed a display glitch that could cause the stats screen to render with unreadable font size
Fixed a bug where a thrown sledgehammer would despawn instead of rebounding off the thing it hits
Fixed a bug where a bystander’s weapon could get “stuck”, causing them to follow the player aggressively but never attack
Fixed a rare “1,000,000 iterations” crash that could happen in PersonController
Reduced the volume of the Glock burst fire mode.
Fixed a display glitch with the muzzle flashes for the Machinegun and hidden shotgun.
Skeletons (Halloween event) can no longer catch on fire.
Resolved an issue that could cause the player to receive damage during a cutscene.
Adjusted default settings for brightness, contrast, and gamma for more proper color balance in both fullscreen and windowed modes.
Removed ViewTeam from the default bindings.
Fixed a bug where the Glock occasionally would not animate when firing.
“Auto-Switch On Weapon Pickup” now defaults as disabled.
Expanded the bottom of the achievement menu so descriptions won’t cut off.
MP5 and Glock holder and select animations sped up to be more consistent with other weapons.
POSTAL 2 & Paradise Lost (4444 - DLC owners only)
Improved footstep sounds based on the surface you are walking on
Improved bottle shattering effects
Added various new bystander interactions
Increased variety of bystander animations.
Additional crosshair icons added to configuration.
Various other miscellaneous improvements to gameplay