War for the Overworld [L-Steam-Rip] [RUS/ENG/Milti7] (2015) (1.0.25) [Underlord Edition]


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War for the Overworld

•Год выпуска:2 апреля 2015
•Жанр: Real-time Stategy, RPG, 3D, Sandbox
•Разработчик: Subterranean Games
•Издательство: Subterranean Games
•Платформа: PC
•Версия игры: 1.0.25 от 22 апреля
•Тип издания: Steam-Rip
•Язык интерфейса: Русский, aнглийский, немецкий, испанский, итальянский, французский, польской
•Язык озвучки: Английский
•Таблетка: Присутствует (ALI213|3DM)

• Операционная система: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
• Процессор: Dual Core 2.0 ГГц
• Оперативная память: 2 ГБ
• Видеокарта:Nvidia GT400 series with 512MB RAM or better, ATI 4870HD with 512MB RAM or better
• Свободного места на жестком диске: 5 ГБ

War for the Overworld — стратегия в реальном времени, созданная в лучших традициях Dungeon Keeper. Сюжет и задачи банальны до безобразия: вы владыка подземного мира, который мечтает о расширении владений и безграничной власти. Однако внешний мир не хочет, чтобы вы восседали на троне спокойно — отважные герои и смелые рыцари постоянно нападают на ваши земли и уничтожают приспешников. Вам необходимо защитить свои границы и отправить смельчаков на тот свет, чтобы у них не возникало желание портить другим жизнь.War For The Overworld. Gameplay. 1080pПервый взгляд War for the Overworld RobosergTV

Список обновлений

War for the Overworld v1.0.25 Patch Notes & "Too many threads" Crash workaround

Hey folks,
We're mostly back up and running again, the internet has been mostly stable with some occasional drops here and there. Thank you all for your patience!
"Too many threads" crash potential workaround
We're still investigating the "Too many threads" crash as a matter of priority and we believe we may be getting closer to the root cause. Thanks in no small part to Anialator100 on our forums who has dedicated time to help us nail it down.
As part of the investigation into the issue we found that his crash was caused by V-Sync being disabled, when V-Sync is enabled the crash no longer occurs. This would seem to indicate some code is firing incorrectly when there is a significant jump in Frame Rate.
For now we believe that enabling V-Sync may be a potential work-around while we continue to hunt the errant code. Please let us know if this does or does not work for you!
WFTO v1.0.25 Patch Notes
Performance Optimisations
Another major optimisation to the rendering of Fog of War, roughly a 40% speed increase for FoW rendering and should improve unity's performance overall
Other minor performance improvements to backend systems
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where enemy units wouldn't show level up VFX
Fixed an incorrect camera position in the level 8 intro
Fixed an issue when returning to posession after a cutsene
The first highlight in level 1 no longer overstays it's welcome after objective completition
Fixed an issue where the height of objects would be incorrect on the first map loaded
Enemy props will no longer show highlights (Especially the torture racks on level 6)
Numerous fixes to home realm
Fixed an issue where defences on level 13 were not being properly rebuilt whne furnaces were active
Fixed an issue where small gaps were appearing between certain types of Empire theme tiles
Fixed a bug where a large square would appear when a Witch Doctor was affected by Blood Money
Several backend Multiplayer fixes
Fixed an issue where Fog of War revealers that had a growing radius were not working correctly
Beasts who have recently fought in the Arena will now correctly respond to their rally groups
Workers will no longer continue attempting to build the warding totem for ever.
Fixed a bug where dropping a unit next to an AI controlled dungeon could result in the unit getting struck by lightning mid-air, preventing a correct drop
Fixed a bug which caused prisoners and tortured units to scream for all eternity, the gods are pleased with the silence
Fixed an issue where the Vampire would constantly become angry faster, meaning it wasn't possible to keep him maintained on prisoners
Fixed an issue where language settings were not remembered for the options menu
Fixed GTA being unplayed by anyone on the team
Graphical & UI Changes
Increased height of Gargoyle health shield so it's now always visible
Default textures are now set to half resolution (Can be returned to full in the options menu)
Level Changes
It is now possible to spawn enemy waves in your Home Realm
Gameplay Changes
Brimstone can now store and drop gold
Arena kill state is now set to incapacitate by default rather than kill
Misc Changes
Clients should now correctly quit the game if the host leaves
AI will now ignore grabbed units for the purposes of threat
New Settings have been added to the options menu
We'll be detailing some of the things coming in the next major patch in our weekly news tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled!
Until next time Underlords!
War for the Overworld v1.0.23 Patch Notes

Hi all,
We've managed to rub our collective bandwidth together and squeeze another small patch down the series of tubes. This patch brings with it more performance improvements and fixes some of the more uncommon issues facing users.
Read on for the patch notes, it's a small patch but the improvements should fix some noticeable issues none the less.
More performance improvements related to fog of war
Several fixes to UI & main menu localisation
Fixed not being able to select unit abilities after the first 6
Fixed a rare error that caused projectiles to break outside of the map on C13
Fixed missing unit names for various bosses and other units
Simburgur [Разработчик] 10 апр в 16:11
v1.0.19 & v1.0.20 Patch Notes
Hey guys,
We're hoping to push this patch today, but we're having internet issues so it's possible it might take a while to actually upload the build.
We've also identified the issue causing massive lag on save/load (by constantly regenerating terrain) and should have a fix soon.
v1.0.19 Changes:
Localisation for German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Polish updated (only 1%~ of strings are now missing/placeholder translations)
Fixed combat notification icon apearing when it shouldn't
Fixed unit panel not scrolling
Fixed load/save UI sorting
Several fixes to the Home Realm
Several fixes to the ending sequence
Fixed Home Realm achievements not triggering
Fixed broken Empire Tavern on C6
v1.0.20 Changes:
Fixed an issue that caused large portions of the map to constantly regenerate after loading a save game
War for the Overworld v1.0.18 Patch Notes
Hi all,
We''re just pushing a new patch up to Steam, the biggest improvement you'll see is that we've identified and fixed the memory leak that has been causing crashes and performance issues for a large portion of players. Hopefully a good number of you should see some significant improvements due to this.
Our next priority is the "Too many threads" crash and we're looking to add friendly tooltips into the game soon.
We're still hunting other issues as well and rolling out improvements in other areas of the game, if you have a bug please report it on our official forums following the guidelines in this thread, it will help us get to the bottom of your issue quicker!
As for the number of this patch being a few steps further along, .16 and .17 both had critical issues and did not pass our internal QA process.
Read on for the Full patch notes!
Bug Fixes
Fixed a memory leak related to the fog of war system
Fixed an issue where tiles were incorrectly highlighted from the start of the level
Deleting objects is no longer instant, avoiding a caching issue
Border tiles in all maps are now correctly visible and will not be inappropriately hidden by fog of war
Fixed an issue where the tables and props in the tavern was not saved
Applied a fix to the Revelation ritual, it should now work correctly
Saves now correctly account for tile discovery
Fixed Gamma resetting when starting a level
Fixed an issue that occured when fog of war is disabled
Fixed an issue where units would not gain stats when progressing to level 2
Units no longer show their torture progress constantly when rescued from enemy props
Fixed an issue where units were not properly released from torture props, so they could still be converted by an inquisitor or succubs after rescue
Pathing over Sacred ground no longer constitutes as difficult for the pathfinder
Removed unused data from the FoW system
Fixed a bug where the material cache was causing materials to leak
Fixed an issue where units were not updating fog of war
Fixed C10 block positions
Objects are now prevented from being created above walls
Fixed an issue that allowd units to move above walls
Fixed an issue where clients in multiplayer would not see their gold updating correctly
Fixed an issue where C10 could not be completed due to Kenos Deaths
Fixed AI Players not spawning workers
Several fixes to the arena
Fixed a bug where units would appear rotated incorrectly
Balance Changes
Units are now less likely to search for extremely long paths over land rather than water
Vampires will try to avoid water wherever possible
C8: reduced the number of enemies by about 40%
C8: Enemies are now level 5
C8: Ghouls and Necromancers are now more powerful
C8: Adjusted layout of final room
C11: Swapped water areas out for claimable bridges
C11: It now takes 30 minutes for Mira to charge the Kenos (Up from 20)
AI Improvements
Workers will no longer flee when they have important tasks to do (Building Defences, Recovering unconscious units)
Units will now correctly sleep when damaged
Worker behaviour improved when delivering objects or rescuing minions while Under attack
Workers now account for nearby threats when assigning tasks, the higher the threat the lower the priority.
Multiple misc improvements to worker behaviour and pathing
Other small AI Tweaks
Visuals, Audio, Etc.
Campaign map highlight is now green and fire texture brightness reduced
Empire Crypts now use the Empire Crypt tileset
Fixed Dwarf Granite being the wrong texture
Dwarf and Empire Granite are now a bit darker
New unit portrait for Arcanist
C8: Cleand up some textures
C11: Updated all of Mira's textures, it's very shiny now
C11: Fixed Granite being the wrong texture
C13: Carpet tileset now uses hero connectors instead of evil archive connectors
C13: "Dalaran" shield on now purple, matching the inhibitors
C13: All Empire defences and tiles are now correctly team coloured as white
The grass is greener on the other side of the fence
Added multiple highlight colours
Combat alert now shows a stack for the amount of units currently in combat, and flashes for each unit attacked
Other Changes
Made Rally target prioritisation more reliable
More fixes to the Game Text (Spell tooltips
Various minor fixes to underlying systems
Zooming to a location will now keep your camera orientation
Hotfix Archive (v1.0.15)
Fixed an issue which ocassionally caused levels to be unfinishable
Fixed an issue with C3 where enemy units would not path correctly
You can now drop potions on the cauldron icon in the potions tab to return a potion to a free Cauldron
Exiting to desktop via in game menu will no longer present a Bedrock Beta screen
Players will now properly have all Veins unlocked after completing Campaign level 13
Implemented a combat status icon, when in combat you'll have a combat notification, if you click on it to be taken to combat
Fixed patrols and pathing issues which caused units to go idle in combat
Fixed a stack overflow which caused huge framerate drops if the Dungeon Core is attacked on Campaign level 3
Mouse cursor should no longer disappear at the end of some levels under certain conditions
Fixed some audio and visual alerts not being triggered for combat & dungeon core damage

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War for the Overworld
Версия игры: 1.0.25
Контент загружен 22 Апреля 2015г и полностью идентичен лицензионной версии игры распространяемой в Steam
Не требуются сторонние установщики и обновления. Игровой контент упакован в простой инсталлятор с незначительным сжатием.
примерное время установки 1 минута
версия игры: 1.0.25
Автор релиза Let'sPlay
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