FreeNAS 9.3 STABLE (201501151844) [amd64] 1xCD, 1xIMG


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-FreeNAS 9.3 STABLE (201501151844) [amd64] 1xCD, 1xIMG- Название: FreeNAS
Версия: 9.3-STABLE-201501151844
Дата сборки: 2015-01-15 18:44 GMT
Последняя версия ОС: 9.3-STABLE-201501151844
Официальный сайт:
Страница на официального релиза:
Архитектура: amd64
Лечение: не требуется, Open Source
FreeNAS — встраиваемая (embedded) операционная система с открытым исходным текстом (Open Source) для сетевого хранилища (Network-Attached Storage) разрабатываемая компанией ixsystems.
FreeNAS основана на ОС FreeBSD, поддерживает обмен между ОС семейств Windows, Apple и UNIX-подобных. ОС включает: Sun ZFS v5000 (Feature Flags) (RAIDZ, RAIDZ2 & RAIDZ3), шифрование, S.M.A.R.T., сообщения по электронной почте и прочее.
Также поддерживаются следующие протоколы: CIFS/SMB (Samba v4.x), FTP, NFS, TFTP, AFP, WebDAV, RSYNC, iSCSI, HAST, SSH. Богатые возможности сетевых настроек, например, IPv6, VLAN, объединение интерфейсов и т.д. Поддержка ИБП (UPS). И всё это полностью настраивается через богатый web-интерфейс пользователя.
FreeNAS легка в установке на большинство домашнего и корпоративного оборудования, и позволит вам также легко управлять и обмениваться большим количеством информации через сеть. FreeNAS также включает в себя механизм подключения различных плагинов расширяющих функции системы, например, для обмена вашего мультимедийного контента с другими устройствами в сети.

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MD5 (FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE-201501151844.GUI_Upgrade.txz) = af389c5e41355c7776658503579e045f
MD5 (FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE-201501151844.iso) = b26351cf062b0f85f7800c50f69e5d73
SHA-1 (FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE-201501151844.GUI_Upgrade.txz) = 6ae97b87be26d8fbd85e77861756a374f2fd72ac
SHA-1 (FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE-201501151844.iso) = 379d8ac37c050346ebb3884e6c5b41dcbba7de72
SHA-256 (FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE-201501151844.GUI_Upgrade.txz) = 6aae3aa4b3e545d18e681214e686842f850c5f8a6bcfac0de86093e107f58646
SHA-256 (FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE-201501151844.iso) = d54e6a732736e82e80f22b96084def8258682742a3c63d9fb312e7279be3e5a5

ChangeLog с момента выхода 9.3-RELEASE (20141208)

#6980  Unable to find domain controller in latest FreeNAS 9.3
#7027  aria2 is huge why do we have it
#7033  Acknowledged alerts present in the API
#7035  dap_user_home_directory wrong in /usr/local/etc/sssd/sssd.conf
#7042  Don't use debugging kernel when doing upgrade
#7048  Set the jails url to the right place
#7049  9.3 BETA + 9.1.1 config => WebGUI authentication failure
#7054  Cannot generate Certificate Signing Request
#7064  Allow translation of the update UI
#7074  Samba AD DC: BIND9_DLZ option not usable?
#7091  Traceback when testing email from System/Email
#7093  Missing throttling setting and files in replication task
#7104  outgoing e-mail breaks on 9.3
#7118  Shared object "" not found when running adtool
50ec38f  Disable amdsbwd for now
#6783  No favicon for HTTPS
#6800  freenas-update update should tell user to reboot when needed
#6851  Update panel stalls drawing when it can't reach the update server
#6980  Unable to find domain controller in latest FreeNAS 9.3
#7085  Cron Jobs / Run Now doesn't run with the specified user
#7134  Creation of a Rsync Task Triggers Traceback
#7138  CIFS Home shares
#7139  Apply pending updates requires reaching the update server
#7146  Network > Network Summary > Default Route : The IPv4 and IPv6 default route are rendered in the same table cell
#7165  SSSD isn't being started when UNIX extensions are enabled
#7167  System | Update phasing issue
#7168  Alerts should have Message-Id headers
#7169  Specifying the HTTP Proxy should also set the HTTPS Proxy
#7175  View Rsync tasks broken
#7182  No alert for pools fuller than 80%
#7186  Ubuntu jail filesystem out of sync with actual underlying filesystem in directory with lots of files
12dacc0  Don't cache LDAP query results... this causes more pain than gain
b0329cc  Remove DUMMYNET from FreeNAS kernel as unused, keep module
1ea520a  Commit model for corresponding migration
#7176  Fix syntax error in ctl.conf generation
#7229  Make sure AFP share name is unique
#7267  Increase prefix length choices for IPv6
f84e770 Fix multiple ntp vulnerabilities.
fc0a540 Resolve USB driver identification conflict.
52dfc34 Regenerate usb.conf .
7c0ec97 Do not count RCTD bit set as an error.
439ec14 In addition to r275481 allow threshold notifications work without UNMAP.
67a9399 Add to CTL support for threshold notifications for file-backed LUNs.
d59a67b Add GET LBA STATUS command support to CTL.
adf0723 Increase CTL ports limit from 128 to 256 and LUNs limit from 256 to 1024.
0df1295 Unify function names after r275458.
8e86405 Do not pre-allocate UNIT ATTENTIONs storage for every possible initiator.
f2b3765 Remove some unused code.
134b244 Do not pre-allocate reservation keys memory for every possible initiator.
14a3123 Convert persis_offset from global variable to softc field.
6dc9469 Reduce code duplication by creating ctl_set_res_ua() helper.
6826e28 Removed unused variable and unify some names.
233c0fc Coalesce last data move and command status for read commands.
e81649b Decouple datamove/done logic from CTL status set.
dac7a75 Replace home-grown CTL IO allocator with UMA.
06a9748 Use ctl_set_success() instead of direct inlining.
ef8faf3 Add configuration options to override physical and UNMAP blocks geometry.
77e1caa For both iSCSI initiator and target increase socket buffer sizes before establishing connection.
#6980  Unable to find domain controller in latest FreeNAS 9.3
#7045  Plex PBI not transcoding mkv's post upgrade to 9.3 release
#7122  Warn when stopping iscsi if there are connected sessions
#7187  Changing MAC on DHCP jail corrupts jail meta files
#7193  Error when trying to "Verify Install"
#7203  FreeNAS_ActiveDirectory_Exception during boot: Unable to find DC
#7254  "mount root" problem plaguing new 9.3 installs worked-around
#7293  DNS configuration removed from GUI, but still in /etc/resolv.conf
#7309  Misleading confirmation in "Destroy dataset" popup?
#7313  can't creat group with chinese
#7335  Issue with interface configuration after 9.3 upgrade
#7335  Issue with interface configuration after 9.3 upgrade (really this time)
#7299  GUI Update Fails To Migrate Data Base
c69126a tun_var should be unique, make sure of it in the migration
96b7f29 Make sure dataset path does not already exist
39c4de9 Backend changes to set avail-threshold for file extents
c170801 Show threshold field for file extent as well
6521  High  Dtrace is unhappy
7049  Normal  9.3 BETA + 9.1.1 config => WebGUI authentication failure
7196  Normal  Restoring config ( locks you out of web interface
7237  Normal  wbwd causes reboots even with watchdog disabled in bios
7252  Normal  FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE-201412200530_iSCSI_Connection_Issue
7305  Normal  Import Disk fails because fuse module not loaded automatically(?)
7310  Normal  Import Disk status window is not updated after initiating import
7312  Normal  "Smart test tab returns only ""Unable to load /api/v1.0/tasks/smarttest/ status:500"""
7324  Normal  Not possible to login to GUI after importing config to a new fresh install FreeNAS 9.3 if this config contains HTTPS and there is no cert
7326  Normal  AD not starting after reboot
7365  Normal  Broken link in navigation tree
7368  Normal  Setting vfs.zfs.vol.mode=1 causes 'Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode' during boot
7378  Normal  "Unable to add a Sysctl variable under System -> Tunables
7392  Normal  proftp logs pam errors
7407  Normal  stale status message from previous replication that was deleted
7426  Normal  inconsistent behavior when creating new shares from nonexistent directories
7396  Low  Database locked exception not handled
6784  Low  Progress bars when downloading updates are inconsistent
7410  Low  "Sort is lexicographical
7301  Low  Make boot pool scrub interval user-settable
7356  Normal  Dynamic DNS service not updating multiple hosts? Possible syntax error.
7420  Normal  One of my multiple 8GB Kingston DT 101 G2 doesn't work with FreeNAS9.3, fix linked
7438  High  Dtrace is unhappy (grub portion of fix)
7448  Normal  Let's try avoiding an extra reboot on updating
7449  Normal  Creating NFS share - volume name with spaces causes problems
7456  Low  Need whitespace in IP listing in Network Summary display
7460  Normal  Notify user about a failed update
7465  Normal  mps firmware warning
7471  Low  Hint text is incomplete on Email screen
7480  Normal  Traceback on OperationalError
7487  Normal  Unable to savedebug
7488  Normal  ix-diagnose should be more resilient in the face of possible execution errors
7495  Normal  Updating incorrectly indicates it failed
7511  Normal  multipath creation is not ordered by the device names
7350  Normal  The Rsync feature doesn't work as it should do.
7513  High  Update OpenSSL to 1.01k (Multiple OpenSSL vulnerabilities)
#7517  High  Unable to write boot-environment
#7482  Normal  Selecting rfc2307 in the UI sets rfc2307bis in the sssd.conf file
#7437  Normal  Add Resource to Detach a Volume in the API
cf4f77e Fix overflow bug from r248577, turning 30s TRIM timeout into ~4s.
a4dedf1 Reimplement TRIM throttling added in r248577.
2367c00 Skip extra bcopy() when scrubbing vdev without redundancy.
956df14 When aggregating TRIM segments, move the new one to the list end.
6ec6506 Add LBA as secondary sort key for synchronous I/O requests.
b781652 Use new optimized dmu_read_uio_dbuf() for ZVOLs in device mode.
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