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(Rap / Drill) Fat Trel / Дискография (7 mixtapes;2 singles)- 2010-2014, MP3, 160-320 kbps


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-Fat Trel / Дискография-- -Жанр: Rap / Drill
Страна: U.S.A.
Год издания: 2010-2014
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 160-320 kbps
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да

Mixapes2010-Fat Trel - No Secrets-256kbps

Битрейт: 256kbps
Продолжительность: 01:15:48
-01.No Secrets
02.Trappin Like a Fool
03.Deep Thought
04.Cold Blood
05.Freak a Melody feat. Wale
06.Cremate Em
07.Just My Kinda Girl
08.U Playing
09.Fame & Fortune feat. Jay Hayden
10.Trel Got Em Laughing feat Black Cobain
11.Patron In My Cup feat. Meatchi
12.Making G's
13.Champagne Wishes
14.Everybody Looking feat. Meatchi
15.U Don't Know Me
16.Throw It Up feat. Raheem Devaughnlisten download
17.Olesdoit feat. Wale
18.**Bonus - DJRioBlackwood - Trappin Like A Fool (Chopped Screwed)

2010-Fat Trel - Youngest Runnin Da City Vol.1-192kbps

Битрейт: 192kbps
Продолжительность: 01:24:11
-01.Foolio ft. Fat Trel (Produced By Da Bassheds)
02.Guess Who Back ft. Fat Trel And X.O. (Produced By Da Bassheds)
03.What R U Drinkin ft.Fat Trel And Fat Tone (Produced By Da Bassheds)
04.Trap Shit ft. Fat Trel
05.Meet tha Boyz ft. Fat Trel, Slutty Ark And Meatchi (Produced By Da Bassheds)
6.E St. Flow ft. Fat Trel and Wale
07.What U Mean ft. Fat Trel (Produced by Tthe Suspects)
08.Real Live ft. Fat Trel, Meatchi And Duece (Produced by Young Clip)
09.Freak a Melody ft. Fat Trel (Produced By Da Bassheds)
10.All Wild ft. Meatchi And Slutty P (Produced By Da Bassheds)
11.Manny PaquiLoud ft. Fat Trel And Debo (Produced By Da Bassheds)
12.Shawty Wanna Rol ft. Fat Trel (Produced By Da Bassheds)
13.E Street Baby ft. Fat Trel (Produced by Young Clip)
14.Beam Up ft. Fat Trel And Kingpen Slim
15.Benning Rd. ft. Fat Trel (Produced By Da Bassheds)
16.Lookin Ass ft.Slutty Ark, Meatchi And Slutty P (Produced By Da Bassheds)
17.Bitches on my Dick ft. Fat Trel And King Swagg (Produced By Da Bassheds)listen download
18.W on my Fitted ft. Fat Trel And Slutty Ark
19.Foolio ft. Fat Trel (Chopped And Screwed By DJ Rio)

2011-Fat Trel-April Foolz-160kbps

Битрейт: 160kbps
Продолжительность: 01:43:28
[img=right]http:://i65.fastpic.ru/big/2014/0913/75/e0e763dfb0f65280591a78410512ba75.jpg[/img]-01.LET IT GO
03.I GET DOUGH prod by Basshedz
04.RESPECT WITH THE TECH prod by Lex Luger
05.ANGEL pod by the Basshedz
06.GOING CRAZY ft Raheem Devaugh
08.TOKYO SPINACH rpod by B Marz
09.TRILL BITCH prod by Basshedz and P
10.BALL GAME ft Meatchi
11.ALL KRAZY ft Dew Baby
12.HYENAS prod the Basshedz & P
13.HONEY IM HOME ft L Fame
14.DOPEHOUSE ft JR Writer prod by P
16.I DEW ft Young Moe prod by Jones Shorty
18.ROUNDS ft Chris Bo prod by Big Moon
19.LIVE MY LIFE prod by J cole
20.YALL NIGGAS AINT REAL prod by Basshedz & P
21.**BONUS** Let It Go (Chopped N Screwed by DJRioBlackwood)
22.**BONUS** Respect With The Tech (Chopped Screwed By DJRioBlackwood)
23.**BONUS** Honey I'm Home (Chopped Screwed By DJRioBlackwood)
24.**BONUS** Tip A Strippa (Chopped Screwed By DJRioBlackwood)listen download
25.**BONUS** Freeze Me Freestyle (Chopped Screwed by DJRioBlackwood)
26.**BONUS** Kill 'Em (Hustle Hard Freestyle) #FREE DEBO VERSION (Chopped Screwed By

2012-Fat Trel-Nightmare On E Street-160kbps

Битрейт: 160kbps
Продолжительность: 01:19:32
-01. Intro
02. By The Way
03. White Cocaine
04. Geetchie
05. Deep In The Game
06. Runnin'
07. Bros (Feat. P Wild, Meatchi & Dew Baby)
08. Paper Bag Magic
09. Swishers And Liquor
10. Freak It
11. On Top Of Your Girl
12. Benning Rd (Flyer Than You)
13. F*ck Around (Feat. Kirko Bangz)
14. Time Of Her Life (Feat. Tabi Bonney)
15. Rollin' (Feat. Rich Hil)
16. Find My Way (Feat. Raheem Devaughn)
17. Murder
18. Nightmares (Feat. David Correy)
19. Up In Here (Feat. Red Cafe)
20. Devil We Like
21. Kill Em (Feat. Chris Bo)
22. NightMare (Outro)

2013-Fat Trel-SDMG-320kbps

Битрейт: 160kbps
Продолжительность: 01:17:56
01.SDMG [Prod. By JGramm Beats]
02.Going Crazy [Prod. By JGramm Beats]
03.Fat Trel - Touch Her Soul [Prod. By Cardo]
04.Fat Trel - WE4MN (Feat. Wale, Meatchi, Dewbaby & Black Cobain) [Prod. By Helluva]
05.Fat Trel - Shoot (Feat. Trouble DTE) [Prod. By Young Chop]
06.Fat Trel - No Lamez (Feat. Nooney) [Prod. By Butla Beats]
07.Fat Trel - Niggaz Dying [Prod. By JGramm Beats]
08.Fat Trel - Money Counting (Feat. Debo) [Prod. By JGramm Beats]
09.Fat Trel - The Latest (Feat. Magazeen) [Prod. By LeekELeek]
10.Fat Trel - Singles (Feat. Oun-P) [Prod. By Platinum League]
11.Fat Trel - Make It Clap [Prod. By Lee Bannon]
12.Fat Trel - Thots [Prod. By Butla Beats]
13.Fat Trel - Willie Dynamite (Feat. Smoke DZA & Danny Brown) [Prod. By Harry Fraud]
14.Fat Trel - Xtraordinary (Feat. Rico Sivad) [Prod. By Deezle]
15.Fat Trel - Bitches [Prod. By LeekELeek]
16.Fat Trel - That's Life (Feat. YG) [Prod. By DJ Mustard]
17.Fat Trel - Kalifornia Living [Prod. By Kane Beatz]
18.Fat Trel - My Girl (Feat. Red Cafe & Slim (112) [Prod. By Oddz & Endz]
19.Fat Trel - SB Ohhh [Prod. By 12 Hunna]
20.Fat Trel - Love My Gang (Feat. Sluttyboyz) [Prod. By Bass Hedz]
21.Fat Trel - Outro [Prod. By K Rucka]

2013-Master P, Alley Boy & Fat Trel-New World Order-192-209kbps

Битрейт: 192-209kbps
Продолжительность: 01:05:55
-01. Master P - Dope Case (Feat. Fat Trel & Alley Boy) (4:13)
02. Master P - Take A Ride (Feat. Alley Boy & Fat Trel) (4:57)
03. Master P - BN (Feat. Alley Boy & Fat Trel) (4:15)
04. Master P - Club Poppin (Feat. Fat Trel, Alley Boy & E-40) (3:22)
05. Master P - Break Em Off (Feat. Alley Boy & Fat Trel) (3:31)
06. Master P - I Ain't Feeling That (Feat. Alley Boy & Fat Trel) (5:07)
07. Master P - Bang Bang (Feat. Alley Boy & Fat Trel) (4:14)
08. Master P - Tribute To 2Pac (Feat. Krazy & Fat Trel) (5:55)
09. Master P - Smoke & Drank (Feat. T.E.C., Eastwood & Bengie B) (3:47)
10. Master P - No Way Jose (Feat. Alley Boy & Fat Trel) (3:58)
11. Master P - Keep It 100 (Feat. Fat Trel & Alley Boy) (Street Mix) (4:10)
12. Master P - Trending Boy (Feat. Gucci Mane & Alley Boy) (Street Mix) (3:33)
13. Master P - Put A Hose On It (Feat. Alley Boy) (3:03)
14. Master P - Again (Feat. Miss Chee & T.E.C.) (4:44)
15. Master P - We All We Got (Feat. Alley Boy & Fat Trel) (4:06)

2014-Fat Trel-Gleesh-320kbps

Битрейт: 320kbps
Продолжительность: 00:59:09
-01. Fat Trel – Datz Kool [Prod. By Boss Major]
02. Fat Trel – How U Feel [Prod. By Harry Fraud]
03. Fat Trel – Walkin Thru My Hood [Prod. By Butla Beatz]
04. Fat Trel – Rich As F*ck [Prod. By All Star]
05. Fat Trel – Shoot (Remix) (Feat. Rick Ross) [Prod. By Young Chop]
06. Fat Trel – In My Bag (Feat. Wale) [Prod. By No Credit]
07. Fat Trel – Fresh (Feat. Rockie Fresh) [Prod. By Sloan & Rozart]
08. Fat Trel – Buku Chips [Prod. By DJ Tree Gotti]
09. Fat Trel – Treez & Liquor (Feat. Rich Hil) [Prod. By All Star]
10. Fat Trel – She Fell In Love [Prod. By Izze The Producer]
11. Fat Trel – Gotti 4 Real [Prod. By DJ Tree Gotti]
12. Fat Trel – Thot Street (Feat. Stalley) [Prod. By Sloan]
13. Fat Trel – Real (Feat. P Wild & Boosa) [Prod. By Bass Hedz]
14. Fat Trel – What We Doing (Feat. Tracy T) [Prod. By Famous]
15. Fat Trel – Rest In Peace [Prod. By All Star]

Singles2012-Fat Trel-Make It Clap-192kbps

Битрейт: 192kbps
Продолжительность: 00:02:26

2013-Fat Trel-She Fell In Love-192kbps

Битрейт: 192kbps
Продолжительность: 00:05:03