Wrack [Final Boss Entertainment] (2013) [En] (06.02.2014) Steam Early Access


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Wrack (2013)-- Дата выхода: 11 ноября 2013
Жанр: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
Разработчик: Final Boss Entertainment
Издатель: Final Boss Entertainment
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Язык озвучки: Отсутствует / Не требуется
Язык субтитров: Английский
Версия: 06.02.2014 [Steam Early Access]
Тип издания: Неофициальный
Системные требования:
*Операционная система: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
*Процессор: 2.0 Ггц
*Оперативная память: 1 Гб
*Видеокарта: 512 Мб
*Место на жестком диске: 800 Мб
Таблетка: Не требуется
Wrack - олдскульный шутер в современной "обертке", представляющий из себя гибрид Borderlands и Doom с cell-shading графикой и толпами врагов на уровнях! Также следует отметить, что в игре имеется удобный редактор карт, кто имеет опыт создания карт в Doom, здесь разберутся без труда. Если Вы любите пострелять и Вас тянет к шутерам прошлого - не упустите возможность ознакомиться с данной игрой. Wrack, наверняка, Вас вернет в прошлое напоминая о знакомых коридорах, знаках радиации, зеленых лужицах...

Список изменений:

• Added a new level: E1L6'! This is the extra level for episode 1, and is accessed from E1L6 through a secret exit.
• Added the Blast Guard! This is an artifact that makes rocket jumping much more viable. It is found on E1L6'.
• Added a prototype of Giggordo, the E1L6' boss! No model or animation just yet, but the gameplay is there.
• Added and reworked many of the E1L6 textures! They're now much more crisp and colorful.
• Added some new trooper melee sounds.
• Made some texturing and lighting tweaks to E1L6.
• Updated the title sequence, along with the title screen.
• Added several new items to the gallery.
• Added the new QuakeAttack() AI script command, which works similarly to RadiusAttack(), but only affects objects on the ground.
• Added several new sentry-related AI script commands.
• Fixed a bug that prevented the "Restart" command from working properly in Time Attack/Score Attack mode.
• Fixed a bug that would result in certain face actions being activated upon restoring a quicksave.
• Fixed some aspect ratio issues when displaying a few images that take up the whole screen.
• Fixed a bug that prevented the map convert tool from converting multiple maps at once.
• Mods can now be submitted to Steam Workshop through WrackEd! They can be subscribed to and played through Wrack as well.
• Workshop submissions (both maps and mods) can now be updated after publishing through WrackEd!
• Wrack now automatically downloads updated versions of subscribed Workshop items.
• Added new gib sound effects! Gibs now make sounds as they bounce off of things.
• Added two new trooper death animations.
• Updated the display name of numerous objects in the editor.
• Added the "object shoots" face action activation type, which allows face actions to activated by shooting it.
• Updated the map format to accomodate the new face action activation type. Older maps will need to be run through mapconvertMapConvert.exe
• Added the GetVelocity() AI script command, which returns the object's current velocity.
• Added new AI script commands for debugging mod development: AddOutputInt(), AddOutputBool(), AddOutputString(), and PrintOutput().
• Added some cutscenes to the right side of E1L6 to better clarify what the switches do.
• Fixed a bug that prevented the railgunners from gibbing properly.
• Fixed a bug that prevented leaderboard replays from being watched on leaderboards with multiple entries.
• Fixed a bug that prevented the "enter" key binding from saving properly.
• Separated the subscribed map/mod menus in Wrack.
• Fixed a bug that prevented replacement textures in object spawned by spawners to not properly precache.
• Fixed a bug that allowed you to quicksave during intermission.
• Fixed a bug that prevented secrets from being re-findable after restarting a map in Time Attack/Score Attack.
• Knockback from rockets is now affected by the Doomsphere.
• Damage done to yourself from rockets is now affected by the Doomsphere.
• Fixed a bug that caused colorized sections of text spanning multiple lines to mistakenly be reset on subsequent lines.
• Arcturan troopers now have their own unique model! As a result, they're now further differentiated from the soldiers.
• Added achievement graphics! All of the currently unlockable achievements now have graphics, with the rest to come soon.
• Added some Arcturan gut gibs which spawn for both the soldiers and troopers.
• Added more detail to the bazooka texture.
• Greatly improved the spike ball texture.
• Bloom mapped the lights on the supply crate projectile trap.
• Gibs now cross over monster blocking planes.
• Fixed an editor crash involving pasting objects and undo/redo.
• Fixed an editor crash involving using undo while creating a prism.
• Fixed a bug that caused Score Attack mode to mistakenly use your regular playthrough high score on a map, rather then your high score in Score Attack mode.
• Added new supply crate traps! One is a bomb that explodes, and another is a projectile shooter which rises up and fires a bunch of shots in a ring. Crouch to avoid its attack!
• Steam Workshop is now active! You can now browse submitted content published to it.
• You can now submit your maps to Steam Workshop through WrackEd.
• You can now browse and play subscribed Workshop maps through the "Workshop Content" menu.
• Fixed a bug that allowed you to fall through the map on E1L2.
• Fixed a crash involving using objects as stairs.
• Objects can now be properly climbed like stairs.
• The default selection in the "Choose Skill" menu is now the last skill setting you chose.
• Fixed a bug that could cause some achievements to mistakenly unlock after loading a quicksave.
• Removed episode 2/3 from the episode selection menu.
• Completely remade the skyboxes! All of the existing skyboxes have been heavily updated, and E1L6 now has one of its own.
• Added new specialized kill chain and kill combo graphics!
• Added a new railgun trail graphic.
• Added a new model for the box of rocket ammo.
• Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the storyboards.
• Fixed a crash that randomly occurred after exiting the credits sequence.
• Made a fix to prevent objects from being "double deleted", which would produce an error.
• Optimized the calculation of the model outlines, which speeds up loading times.
• Only replays made with the current release of Wrack can be played off of the leaderboard.
• Fonts glyphs are now imported on a single texture, rather than individually.
• Kerning values are generated automatically for fonts! Now, all that's supplied is a base kerning amount, and the rest is taken care of automatically.
• Sped up font rendering.
• You can now specify which font glyphs have kerning applied to them.
• Sound objects now properly play their sounds after a quicksave is restored.
• Fix a bug that reset the number of secrets on a map after restarting in Time Attack/Score Attack mode.
• Protips can now be colorized to highlight certain keywords.
• Added and tweaked a few protips.
• Fixed a bug that mistakenly caused players riding moving faces to block their movement.
• Fixed a bug that allowed bounce collision objects to slide past walls when colliding with corners.
• Gibs now properly bounce off of sloped floors.
• Made a couple of fixes so that moving faces (lifts, etc.) end at the proper distance upon reaching their desired distance.
• Fixed some walls on E1L2 that barrels could travel behind.
• Kill chains and kill combos can now be defined externally! Their own graphics can now be specified as well.
• Added a "NARRATOR" speaker title to the narrator's lines.
• Fixed a bug that allows Gnash to go outside of his arena.
• Fixed a bug that mistakenly caused players riding moving faces to block their movement.
• Fixed a bug that reset the number of secrets on a map when restarting in Time Attack/Score Attack mode.
• ... and plenty more!
• Fixes galore! - Numerous crashes and glitches have been fixed, including ones that allowed you to travel outside of the map.
• Featured maps! - At least, we have featured maps! Two are fun speedrun maps, and another is a challenging map, for the few of you who think Wrack is too easy!
• Gameplay improvements! - Wrack is now more fast-paced at all difficulty levels (except the last one). This affects Time Attack and Score Attack mode as well.
• Font improvements! - Remade the main game font, and enlarged it slightly to make it easier to read. Speaker colors have also been updated.
• ... and plenty more!

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